Phil Moore - Bio

Phil Moore is a musician with a broad palette. With a background in electrical engineering and physics, Phil brings a scientific method to music, creating a dynamic and eclectic mix of lyricism and experimentation to every performance. His spirited, humorous and sometimes quirky nature is evident in his big, beautiful warm sound, creative and intoxicating solos, and on-stage banter.

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Since leaving his physics career in 1998, Phil has had the great fortune of sharing the stage as musician and performer with truly world reknowned artists Joan Rivers, Eric Idle, Robin Williams, Clint Black, Art Garfunkle, Gary Marshall, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Terry Jones, John DuPrez, Celia Cruz, John Rubinstein, Janis Siegel, and Bruce Vilanch . He performs regularly in the Los Angeles area with the Tim Gill All-Stars and has worked on a variety of video game, TV and film and theater productions.

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